HTML Field

The html field represents a chunk of HTML content.


Adding the Plugin

The html field plugin is not a default plugin. In order to use it in your site you must install the react-tinacms-editor package:

yarn add react-tinacms-editor

You can then add it to your cms:

import { HtmlFieldPlugin } from 'react-tinacms-editor'


Visit the plugins doc to learn how to reduce your initial bundle size by dynamically loading & registering the plugins.


Below is an example of how a html field could be defined. Read more on passing in form field options.

const BlogPostForm = {
  fields: [
      name: 'frontmatter.summary',
      component: 'html',
      label: 'Summary',
    // ...


  • name: The path to some value in the data being edited.
  • label: A human readable label for the field. This label displays in the sidebar and is optional. If no label is provided, the sidebar will default to the name.
  • description: An optional description that expands on the purpose of the field or prompts a specific action.


interface HtmlConfig {
  name: string
  component: 'html'
  label?: string
  description?: string