2020-05-25 Release Notes

By Nolan Phillips

May 25, 2020

Changes Deprecations tinacms: The markdown and html fields are no longer provided by default. In order to use them in your site you must include them manually. See last week's notice for more

2020-05-19 Release Notes: Deprecating Default Editors

By Nolan Phillips

May 19, 2020

Last Friday marked the end of the TinaCMS core team's Cool Down period and now that the long weekend is over we're ready to get back to work! On Thursday we ran a betting table where team members

2020-05-11 Release Notes: Tidying Up

By Nolan Phillips

May 11, 2020

Today marks the second week of the TinaCMS core team's 2 week cool down. During this cooldown we're taking a step back to tie up some loose ends and get some perspective on the project. On Thursday

2020-05-04 Release Notes

By Nolan Phillips

May 4, 2020

What's New? Guides: Open Authoring with Next.js + GitHub Friday afternoon we finally released our Open Authoring with Next.js and GitHub guide! This guide lets you setup the same editing experience

Software Engineering Daily Talks TinaCMS

By Kendall Strautman

April 30, 2020

Recently, our founders, Scott Gallant and Jordan Patterson, along with Lead Tina Developer, Nolan Phillips, sat down with the folks from the Software Engineering Daily Podcast to talk about the CMS

2020-04-27 Release notes

By Nolan Phillips

April 27, 2020

Today we're releasing two new packages! react-tinacms-github next-tinacms-github With these packages you will finally be able to use GitHub as a backend and implement your very own Open Authoring

What are Screen Plugins?

By Nolan Phillips & Kendall Strautman

April 9, 2020

Plugins are a powerful concept. In general plugins are used to extend core functionality of a base system. While many plugin systems are static, TinaCMS is powered by a dynamic plugin system. In this

2020-04-06 Release notes

By Nolan Phillips

April 6, 2020

The TinaCMS core team continues to work towards making Open Authoring with GitHub + Next.js a viable solution for all open source projects! Last week the team finished the bulk of the refactoring

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