v0.25.0 Release Notes

You may have noticed that there's been fewer changes to Tina in the last couple weeks, and if you did you may also have noticed that there's been a ton of changes to the documentation!

Documentation Updates

The TinaCMS core team's focus for the July-August cycle is Documentation and Education. The original structure of the docs was centered around getting people up and running as quickly as possible using Gatsby and the Git-Filesystem. Since then we've added support for more use cases and produced a lot of changes. With all those changes the initial structure has made keeping the docs up to date difficult.

So far we've made some changes we hope you'll like

  • Added a Docs Index to make finding what you need even easier
  • Updated the left-hand navigation to better reflect Tina's architecture
  • Added a Table of Contents to the Docs and Guides
  • Turned the Gatsby Docs into a set of guides.
  • Added a "Packages" section
  • and more!

We're also planning on doing some user research sessions! If you're interested in helping us get better explaining Tina in the docs and marketing then get in touch with Daniel in the Forum!

Changes v0.25.0

New Packages


  • react-tinacms-github: added github delete action docs to readme (dc58e59)
  • next-tinacms-github: getGithubFile let's you fetch and parse a file without the entire preview props (17cb428)

Bug Fixes

  • react-tinacms-editor
    • table delete icon should be visible only if whole table is selected (dd3313b)
    • table row add delete icons overlapping (cfa9949)
    • UX improvements hide title input from link modal (6e5ab20)

Fixed Versioning

For a long time we've struggled with tying release notes to version numbers and generating too many releases. As such, we've switched Tina to a fixed versioning system to try and mitigate the issue. Besides a clear association between version numbers and release notes, this also allows us to generate a project wide CHANGELOG in the repository.


Thanks to everyone for contributing!

# CommitsName
32Nolan Phillips
15Kendall Strautman
9Brent Mitton

GitHub Milestones

Checkout the GitHub Milestone for all the details on this weeks release!