Media in Tina refers to a set of APIs to allow packages to interact with a central store of files.

Media Store

A Media Store is how the CMS handles saving and loading media files.

Creating a Media Store

You can create your own media store by implementing the MediaStore interface:

interface MediaStore {
  accept: string
  persist(files: MediaUploadOptions[]): Promise<Media[]>

interface MediaUploadOptions {
  directory: string
  file: File

interface Media {
  directory: string
  filename: string

Adding a Media Store

Add the media store by assigning it to in a context where you have access to the CMS object.

import { MyMediaStore } from './my-media-store' = new MyMediaStore()

Supported Media Stores

  • GitMediaStore: Saves media to your Git repository by writing to the local system and commiting directly.
  • GithubMediaStore: Coming Soon. Saves media to to your Git repository through the Github API.