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If you want to get up and running quickly to see how Tina works, this is your route. You can either use a Gatsby starter that is preconfigured with Tina or add Tina to your existing project.


To run all the tools required you need at least the following installed:

  • Node.js (8.0.0+)
  • Yarn (Optional. You can still use npm if you want, but this is for your own sanity.)

Use a starter

1. Install the Gatsby CLI

To use the starter, you will need to use the gatsby-cli. To install it, run the following command.

# npm
npm install -g gatsby-cli
# yarn
yarn global add gatsby-cli

2. Create a Gatsby Tina Site

Now we have gatsby-cli installed, we can now create a project based on the Tina starter by running:

gatsby new my-tina-starter

The project is generated in a folder titled my-tina-starter, feel free to change or update that name.

3. Start the Server

Now let’s start the development server to see how Tina edits our files.

cd my-tina-starter
npm run develop

Now navigate to http://localhost:8000 to checkout the starter site!

4. Open the CMS

You will notice there’s a pencil icon, this is the way you can toggle ‘edit-mode’ with Tina.

5. Make Edits

Navigate to various pages and see the different fields of editable content. Make changes and watch them live update on the site and in your files.

Next Steps