2020-06-15 Release Notes

June 15, 2020

By Nolan Phillips

This week we've continued down the road of taking Inline Editing to the next level. Here's a quick video we put together demonstrating what's possible using TinaCMS Inline Editing:

We're taking a break from development now to put together a simple guide on how to setup inline editing on your own website!




  • Cleaned up the Toggle field styles
  • Removed unnecessary type attribute from the BlockTemplate interface
  • ImageFieldPlugin works with async previewSrc

Bug Fixes

  • The Tag field prevents empty strings from being added as a tag.
  • Select field no longer shows default browser outline



  • A placeholder component can be declared which is rendered in the sidebar when there are no forms on the page.



  • Added an Exit Tina button to the actions menu on the right.



  • The items within InlineBlocks can now be re-ordered via drag and drop.
  • Removed extra <div> around Blocks and Groupd
  • InlineTextarea shows the focus ring by default
  • InlineGroup focusRing offset can be set with separate x and y values

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed click event handling in the Settings modal. This fixed an issue that broke the Toggle Field.
  • In the Settings modal the Block and Group stay within the modal


Bug Fixes

  • Editor no longer changes scroll position when switching between Raw Text and Wysiwyg modes.
  • Fixed the code block
  • Inline code cannot be mixed with bold, italic, or strikethrough



  • Dismissible behaviour is available via the useDismissible hook


Thanks to everyone for contributing!

# CommitsName
18Nolan Phillips
14Kendall Strautman
9Jyoti Puri
3Dani Tulp
1James O'Halloran
1🎉 Isabella Brookes 🎉

GitHub Milestones

Checkout the GitHub Milestone for all the details on this weeks release!