2020-06-08 Release Notes

June 8, 2020

By Nolan Phillips

We missed release notes for the June 1st release so this week's notes are packed!

There's been a lot of work on the Inline Editing experience in the past couple of weeks. The most notable changes are:

  • Simplified API for nesting groups and blocks
  • An improved focus ring and blocks UI
  • Improved focus setting behavior for groups and blocks

Besides these, many other small improvements and bug fixes have been released.




  • cms.enabled: This new enabled flag has been added to the CMS class.


  • InlineGroup: Added a new InlineGroup component.
  • Improved Focus Ring Control: You can now customize the border radius and offset of the focus ring around Inline Blocks and Groups.

        borderRadius: 5,
        offset: 0,
  • Improved Block Controls: The controls for editing, moving, and removing blocks has been restyled to match the Editor's menu, and the location of the controls can now be configured.

  • Cancel Block/Group Settings Changes: It is now possible to cancel (and thus undo) any changes made to a group or block from within its Settings modal.
  • Image Upload Errors: When an error occurs during image upload, an alert will now be displayed.


  • Edit Raw Markdown: You can now switch to a plain textarea if you need to edit the raw Markdown.


  • fetchFile: added a method to the GithubClient that allows individual files to be fetched via the GitHub API.
  • Errors Messages: The error message modal now displays the message from the GitHub API.


  • onChange: Added a new onChange method to the options for creating a form.


  • Register Markdown Field: This field now dynamically imports the MarkdownFieldPlugin from react-tinacms-editor and registers it with the cms.

Bug Fixes


  • useForm: The loadInitialValues prop will only be executed if the cms is enabled.
  • TinaProvider: a check has been added to assert that the object being passed as cms is in fact an instance of TinaCMS.
  • Time Formatting: fixed the time formatting of the DateFieldPlugin.


  • Nested Blocks & Groups: Fixed various issues around nesting inline Blocks and Groups in multiple layers.


  • Saving after Navigating: Fixed an issue where navigating between pages would silently break the ability to save changes.


Thanks to everyone for contributing!

# CommitsName
79Nolan Phillips
70Kendall Strautman
30Scott Byrne
12Brent Mitton
3Logan Anderson
3Sean MacKay
2Jyoti Puri
1DJ Walker

GitHub Milestones

Check out the GitHub Milestone for all the details on this week's release!