2020-05-11 Release Notes: Tidying Up

May 11, 2020

By Nolan Phillips

Today marks the second week of the TinaCMS core team's 2 week cool down.

During this cooldown we're taking a step back to tie up some loose ends and get some perspective on the project. On Thursday we will be getting together to decide what's next.

Until then, here's some of the additions and fixes we put together last week.




  • A new concept that allows disparate parts of the CMS to communicate. More on this later.


  • The GithubClient constructor accepts an optional scope. This defaults to public_repo but can be set to repo if you need to support private repositories.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the @types dependencies for the gatsby packages


  • Disable the link button if no text is selected.
  • Fixed issue that required multiple clicks to trigger table-menu items.
  • Fixed regression that broke the menu's sticky behaviour


  • Fixed a call-stack error when accessing githubClient.branchName during SSR
  • Actions can be set on useGithubForm
  • The options argument of useGithubForm is now optional
  • Display a modal to handle errors thrown while creating Pull Requests or Branches


Thanks to everyone for contributing!

# CommitsName
50Nolan Phillips
2🎉 Brandon Shackelford 🎉
1Scott Byrne

GitHub Milestones

Checkout the GitHub Milestone for all the details on this weeks release!