2020-04-27 Release notes

April 27, 2020

By Nolan Phillips

Today we're releasing two new packages!

  • react-tinacms-github
  • next-tinacms-github

With these packages you will finally be able to use GitHub as a backend and implement your very own Open Authoring solution with Next.js! In the last couple weeks we created this packages and went through the setup process over-and-over to smooth it out. Although the packages are available there are some documentation changes still in the works this week.

Tinacms.org is getting Guides to help people learn how to use Tina with Gatsby and Next. If you're interested in seeing what that looks like, check out the pull request.

Next up for Tina + GitHub is Branching. The UI is designed and now it's a matter of updating react-tinacms-github to allow user's to switch the branch on the GithubClient.

Interested in the core team's roadmap? Check out the Open Authoring with GitHub + Next.js project.


New Packages

  • react-tinacms-github: Use GitHub as the backend for your CMS. Authenticate using a GitHub OAuth App and commit changes back to the GitHub API.
  • next-tinacms-github: Provides helpers for setting up GitHub based authoring on a Next.js website!
  • @tinacms/browser-storage-client: This package provides a client and helpers for autosaving your form-content into browser storage. This let's you navigate away from the form losing changes.


Thanks to everyone for contributing!

And a special thanks to Brent Mitton and Dani Tulp for making their first contributions to Tina!

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131Nolan Phillips
62James O'Halloran
37Scott Byrne
24Kendall Strautman
24Joel Huggett
11Brent Mitton
3Frank Taillandier
1Dani Tulp