2020-04-06 Release notes

April 6, 2020

By Nolan Phillips

The TinaCMS core team continues to work towards making Open Authoring with GitHub + Next.js a viable solution for all open source projects!

Last week the team finished the bulk of the refactoring needed to make this possible. The main tinacms package has been decoupled from the Sidebar UI, the changes from RFC 0005 have been implemented, and a draft PR has been created to add the Toolbar package.

A pull request has also been opened to add a new react-tinacms-github package to the repository. This package provides all the front-end code needed to use TinaCMS to authenticate and edit content via the GitHub API. We'll be testing the pre-release of this package this week on this very site!

Another draft PR has started for next-tinacms-github, a package of helpers for setting up your Next.js website to work with react-tinacms-github. This package will help you setup the new Preview Mode introduced in Next 9.3

Those PRs are still in progress so here are some highlights from the changes we released this week!



  • Wysiwyg: A new "image" menu item makes it easier for users to upload images using the Wysiwyg. #929


  • Wysiwyg: Fixed an issue preventing the user from exiting inline-code to the right. #962
  • Inline Editing: Improved the way inline blocks keep track of focus. #952
  • z-index: Added new variables to better handle some z-index issues. #964

New Packages

Continuing the refactoring planned a few weeks ago, we introduced two new packages:

  • @tinacms/react-sidebar
  • @tinacms/react-screens


Thanks to everyone for contributing!

And a special thanks to Brandon Landried for making his first contribution to Tina!

# CommitsName
37Nolan Phillips
24Scott Byrne
6Kendall Strautman
2Frank Taillandier
2Brandon Landried

GitHub Milestone

Checkout the GitHub Milestone for all the details on this weeks release.