2020-03-30 Release Notes

March 30, 2020

By Nolan Phillips

Another week gone and another week closer to Open Authoring for everyone! Refactoring on tinacms.org is going well and a good API is becoming visible. To keep in touch with where Tina is headed in the near term take a look at our two ongoing GitHub projects:

There is also a tinacms/rfcs repository where larger changes are described and discussed. There are currently two RFCs related to Open Authoring:

If you're interested in getting involved then jump into the #dev channel in the TinaCMS Slack group or take a look through the list of open issues. And don't forget to Star Tina on GitHub!


  • Blocks, Groups, & Group List: These fields now use the description attribute
  • Wysiwyg: Dragging images onto the Wysiwyg will now try to upload them. This API is not yet documented.


  • @tinacms/react-forms: Extracted from tinacms. This package defines the Components used for rendering forms in the Sidebar and in Modals.
  • @tinacms/fields: Added field plugins from tinacms.


Thanks to everyone for contributing.

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9Jeff See
6Jeff See
3Kendall Strautman
3Scott Byrne

GitHub Milestones

Checkout the GitHub Milestone for all the details on this weeks release!