2020-03-16 Release Notes

March 16, 2020

By Nolan Phillips


Contributing Experience

  • Conventional Commits: Prevent contributors from commiting unconventional messages by having husky execute commitlint.


  • tinacms: Renamed the <Tina> component to <TinaProvider>.
  • react-tinacms-inline: introduced components created in tinacms.org
    • Add InlineTextarea component
    • Add BlockTextarea component
    • Improved styling of block controls


  • Next.js: useJsonForm and useMarkdownForm suppliy default form fields based on the initial values
  • Sidebar: Always render the form's label in the sidebar.
  • TinaCMS: Constructor no longer needs to be given a config object.\ Before:
    const cms = new TinaCMS({})
    const cms = new TinaCMS()


import { Tina } from "tinacms"

As stated above, the Tina component has been renamed to TinaProvider. This new name better describes the purpose of that component.

For now this component can still be accessed as Tina.


A big thanks to all our contributors for this release! <3

# CommitsName
28Kendall Strautman
21Nolan Phillips
4Scott Byrne
1Marc Mintel

GitHub Milestone

Checkout the GitHub Milestone for all the details on this weeks release!