2020-03-09 Release Notes

March 9, 2020

By Nolan Phillips


  • Markdown/HTML Fields

    • Added Undo and Redo buttons to the Menu
    • Added the ability to set the top-offset of the Menu by passing a string as the sticky prop when using inline edting:

      <Wysiwyg sticky="16px" />

Bug Fixes

  • Markdown/HTML Fields
    • Fixed the position of the modals for editing image and link properties.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the page scroll to jump when editing text inline.
    • Fixed a z-index issue with the Menu
    • Fixed an issue where the table and image menus were re-rendering unnecessarily.
  • Select Field: Loosened Typescript types around the Label
  • React Warnings: Fixed a number of warnings related to the key prop not being set for arrays.


A big thanks to all our contributors for this release! <3

# CommitsName
23Nolan Phillips
2Scott Byrne
1Kendall Strautman
1Maciej Grzybek

GitHub Milestone

Checkout the GitHub Milestone for all the details on this weeks release!